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Alpaca vest - hand spun/knit w/Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets

Welcome binary options trading singapore to the on-line home of Di's Delectables!

This business is a result of my passion for fine fibers and their myriad uses.

NEW!! - Please check out the Hand Spun Yarn page! These yarns all came off of my spinning wheel and some are even examples of my attempts at dying.

You can also find information about all the Great Adirondack Yarns and Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets here. Any visitor to Stiches East, Rhinebeck or the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in recent years knows of these colorful hand-dyed yarns.

Stores Carrying Great Adirondack Yarns & Kits

For the past seven years I have knit my wares and taken them to craft shows in New England, New Jersey & New York. I have recently expanded my singapore binary options product line to include vests and decorator pillows. It is my hope that you may find something here that you just cannot do without or you may find some information here about knitting & spinning which may cause you to take up these arts yourself.

I welcome your ideas, questions and suggestions. Please email me at dknitting@dknitting.com

Remember 9*11*01 Goddess Bless America

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